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Returns True if auto-sizing has been delayed until some other process is completed.


Source position: controls.pp line 2303

public function TWinControl.AutoSizeDelayed: Boolean; override;

Function result

True if auto-sizing cannot be performed at the current time.


AutoSizeDelayed is an overridden Boolean function in TWinControl. It returns True when auto-sizing cannot or should not be performed at the current time, or when the value in Showing cannot be changed.

In TWinControl, it checks the ControlState flags for the value csDestroyingHandle when determining the return value for the method. AutoSizeDelayed calls the inherited method, and sets the return value to True if either condition is True.

The value from AutoSizeDelayed is used in methods like DoAllAutoSize and UpdateShowing.

See also



Cached visibility for the widget. Not necessarily in sync with the widget.



Updates the Showing property with the visibility for the control, its Parents, and its child controls.



Performs actions to resize and align the control and all of its children.



Contains state flags which indicate whether the control has been clicked, data is being read, or the control is being re-drawn, etc.



Returns True if auto-sizing has been delayed until some other process is complete.

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