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Event handler signalled to paint the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 2395

protected property TGraphicControl.OnPaint : TNotifyEvent
  read FOnPaint
  write FOnPaint;


OnPaint is a TNotifyEvent with the event handler signalled to paint the control. Applications must implement and assign a routine to the event handler to perform the drawing operation. TGraphicControl does not provide a default drawing mechanism.

Use the Canvas for the control to perform drawing operations. The Font and Brush in Canvas are automatically configured to use values assigned to the corresponding properties in the control. BorderStyle, however, is not automatically applied. Use the Pen in Canvas as needed to draw the BorderStyle for the control.

OnPaint is signalled (when assigned) from the Paint method.

See also



A clipped window into the parent Canvas.



Implements the default handler used to draw the control.



The font to be used for text display in this control.



The background color of the control.



Indicates the border style displayed around the control.

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