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Handles the CM_CURSORCHANGED message for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 2396

protected procedure TGraphicControl.CMCursorChanged(

  var Message: TLMessage

); message;


CMCursorChanged is an overridden method in TGraphicControl. It ensures that the control is Visible before the temporary cursor shape is changed.

Visible must be set to True, and the Parent control (with the window handle) must be assigned before the control can be displayed. No actions are performed in the method if Visible is False, or Parent is Nil.

In addition, the mouse must be over the control to apply the cursor shape using SetTempCursor and the value in the Cursor property.

See also



Handles the CM_CURSORCHANGED message for the control.



Allows the control, and all of its children, to be displayed or hidden.



The control within which the control is shown.



Contains the shape for the mouse pointer when the mouse is over the control.



Changes the cursor shape temporarily, preserving the original TControl.Cursor

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