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A drag object for drag-dock.


Source position: controls.pp line 530

type TDragDockObject = class(TDragObject)


  procedure AdjustDockRect(); virtual;


Adjust the DockRect relative to the dragging hotspot (DockOffset).

  function GetDragCursor(); override;


Gets the drag cursor shape for the class instance.

  procedure EndDrag(); override;


Finish docking.

  procedure InitDock(); virtual;


Initializes the dragging coordinates.

  procedure ShowDockImage; virtual;


Shows the DockRect, and remembers the coordinates in EraseDockRect.

  procedure HideDockImage; virtual;


Hides the DockRect, and invalidates EraseDockRect to prevent further erases.

  procedure MoveDockImage; virtual;


Moves an already visible DockRect.

  function HasOnDrawImage; virtual;


Checks for an assigned OnDrawDockImage event handler.


  property DockOffset: TPoint; [rw]


The hotspot offset of the dragged DockRect.

  property DockRect: TRect; [rw]


Screen coordinates for a possible drop location.

  property DropAlign: TAlign; [rw]


How the dragged control will be docked, relative to the target control.

  property DropOnControl: TControl; [rw]


The already docked control, relative to which the dragged control will be docked. Nil for an empty docksite.

  property Floating: Boolean; [rw]


The final state of the dragged control (after drop).

  property IncreaseDockArea: Boolean; [r]


Indicates whether the dock site is enlarged after a Control has been docked.

  property EraseDockRect: TRect; [rw]


Area to be erased when refreshing the display for the docking rectangle.





A drag object for drag-dock.




Base class for managing drag operations and user feedback.




This object type serves two main purposes: it allows one to distinguish between drag-drop and drag-dock operations, and it implements docking specific information and behavior.

The primary use is for tree docking, as assumed by methods in TControl and TWinControl.

See also



Base class for managing drag operations and user feedback.

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