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Set of control states used in a control.


Source position: controls.pp line 299

type TControlState = set of (



Indicates the Left mouse button was down for the control.



Indicates the control was clicked; occurs after button down/up processing.



Palettes are not currently implemented in LCL.



Indicates the ReadState method has been called for the control.



Indicates the focus for the control has been changed.



Introduced for Delphi compatibility; not used in LCL.



Indicates a device context was copied in PaintControls.



Indicates a custom paint method is used to draw the control; determines the handler called to paint the control.



Used to suppress message processing when the control is freed.



Indicates the Dock method has been called for a control.



Indicates the control is being loaded using the LCL component streaming mechanism.


See also



State flags of a Control.

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