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Flags for finding a control at a given (client) position.


Source position: controls.pp line 2025

type TControlAtPosFlag = (



Include disabled controls when set.



Include both TWinControls and TControl instances when set.



Checks for hits are limited to the client area when set.



Recurse into grand-children controls when set.



Scroll offset is already included in the coordinates when set.



Include only TWinControls (and ignore TControls) when set.



TControlAtPosFlag is an enumeration type with values that indicate the mechanism used to locate a control at a given client position.

Values from the enumeration are stored in the TControlAtPosFlags type.

TControlAtPosFlag enumeration values are used in the implementation of the ControlAtPos method in TWinControl, and in the FindControlAtPosition function.

See also



Get the child control at the given client position.



Gets the control at the specified screen position.

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