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Enables Hint display for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1795

public property TControl.ShowHint : Boolean
  read FShowHint
  write SetShowHint
  stored IsShowHintStored
  default False;


ShowHint is a Boolean property used to enable or disable display of pop-up Hint text for the control. When set to True, the Hint text is shown when the mouse is hovered over the control. The default value for the property is False and disables Hint text in a pop-up window.

Changing the value in ShowHint causes the ParentShowHint property to be set to False. A CM_SHOWHINTCHANGED is performed to apply the new value for the property.

Use the Hint property to set the text displayed in the pop-up hint window when ShowHint is enabled. Use the OnShowHint event handler to provide custom text uses in the Hint display.

Use the ShowHint property in a TForm instance to enable or disable pop-up hint display for all controls on a given form. Use the ShowHint property in TApplication to enable or disable pop-up hint display for all forms and controls in an application.

See also



The text to show in the Hint window for the control.



Event handler signalled when a hint window is displayed for the control.



If True, the value of ShowHint for the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is True.



Enables Hint display for the control.



Indicates if Hints are displayed for the application.

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