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Event handler signalled when a hint window is displayed for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1746

public property TControl.OnShowHint : TControlShowHintEvent
  read FOnShowHint
  write FOnShowHint;


OnShowHint is a TControlShowHintEvent property with the event handler signalled when a hint window is displayed for the control. Arguments to the event handler include the control instance for the event notification, and a pointer to the structure with the Hint details for the control.

OnShowHint has public visibility in TControl, but may be redeclared in descendent classes to make it visible in the object inspector. An application must implement and assign a handler routine to respond to the event notification.

OnShowHint is signalled from the DoOnShowHint method (when assigned), and occurs when the CM_HINTSHOW control message is handled for the control.

Set ShowHint to True to enable hint window display using the value(s) in the Hint property.

See also



The text to show in the Hint window for the control.



Enables Hint display for the control.



Invokes the OnShowHint event handler.



Type used to implement an OnShowHint event handler.



Contains content and state information for Hints displayed for a window or control.



Pointer to a THintInfo instance.

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