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Notification handler for a resize of the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1791

public property TControl.OnResize : TNotifyEvent
  read FOnResize
  write FOnResize;


This event is triggered after the Width, Height, ClientWidth or ClientHeight of the control has changed, and before the LCL sends the new size to the widgetset. The size of the underlying widget (e.g. unit LCLIntf function GetWindowSize and GetClientRect) may differ from the control's Width/Height/ClientRect during OnResize. During auto-size the size can change multiple times, but only the last change triggers the OnResize.

Use OnResize to react on size changes. To also react on moves, use the OnChangeBounds event.

If you want to customize the resize behavior, use OnConstrainedResize instead.

Common mistake: Keep in mind that ClientWidth and ClientHeight can change even when Width and Height stay the same. For example when the theme changes, the Width and Height remain the same, but the changed frame reduces the ClientWidth and ClientHeight. This does not happen that often under Windows, but it happens quite often on other platforms.

Especially it is not sufficient to write only a TForm.OnResize handler to resize all controls on the form. This is a common bug in Delphi applications.

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This handler can supply specific Constraints (size limits), when the control is resized.


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