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Event handler signalled when an object is dropped onto the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1560

protected property TControl.OnDragDrop : TDragDropEvent
  read FOnDragDrop
  write FOnDragDrop;


OnDragDrop is a TDragDropEvent property with the event handler signalled when another control is dropped onto the control instance. Unlike with drag-dock, a default action is not associated with the drag-drop operation. The OnDragDrop handler is the only way to do something meaningful for the drag-drop operation.

The Sender argument contains the current control instance (Self) for for the event.

The Source argument is the object (TControl) which is droppped onto the current control instance.

X and Y contains the control-relative coordinates for the mouse pointer when the event occurred.

OnDragDrop is signalled from the DragDrop method, and occurs when dmDragDrop messages (TDragMessage) are handled for the control.

See also



Signals the OnDragDrop handler when a dragged object is dropped onto this control.



The type of an OnDragDrop notification handler.



Message types used in DragManager.

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