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The text to show in the Hint window for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1777

published property TControl.Hint : string
  read FHint
  write SetHint
  stored IsHintStored;


Hint is a TTranslateString property with hint text displayed in a pop-up window when the mouse is hovered over the control. The pop-up window is displayed when the ShowHint property is set to True.

Assign a value to Hint to describe the usage or formatting conventions used for the value entered in the control. For example:

Edit1.Hint := 'Start Date in MM/DD/YYYY format';

Hint can be given a value that includes both short and long variants of the hint text. The values are separated by a '|' (Vertical Bar) character in the property. For example:

Edit1.Hint := 'Start Date | Start Date in MM/DD/YYYY format';

The short variant is used in the pop-up hint window for the control. The long variant is assigned to the Application.Hint property, or displayed on a form status bar when its AutoHint property is set to True.

As a TTranslateString type, Hint can be localized using the translation facilities built into the LCL and the Typhon IDE. The property value is written using LCL component streaming when the hint text for the control is not linked to an assigned Action.

Remark: Hint is not the same value as the placeholder introduced as the TextHint property in descendent controls.

See also



Enables Hint display for the control.



If True, the value of ShowHint for the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is True.



Link to the default Action associated with this control.



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