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The numeric context-sensitive Help identifier for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1782

published property TControl.HelpContext : THelpContext
  read FHelpContext
  write SetHelpContext
  stored IsHelpContextStored
  default 0;


HelpContext is an Integer property with the numeric identifier used to locate and display a context-sensitive help topic for the control. The default value for the property is 0 (zero).

Setting a new value for the property causes HelpType to be changed to htContext.

HelpContext is used in the ShowHelp method, and passed as an argument to the HelpContext method in the Application singleton.

Use HelpKeyword to specify a string value with the help topic displayed for the control.

Use the HelpFile property, found on the parent form or in a TApplicationProperties instance, to set the help file with the content for the help topic.

See also



The context-sensitive Help keyword for the control.



Indicates whether context-sensitive Help is selected by numeric ID or keyword.



Displays the help associated with the control.



Shows help for the specified keyword.



Contains the name for the help file in an application.



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