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The vertical size for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1822

published property TControl.Height : Integer
  read FHeight
  write SetHeight;


Height is an Integer property with the vertical size for the control in pixels.

Setting a negative value in Height is not allowed, and the property defaults to 0 (zero). At design-time, setting Height to a value not in the range 0..9999 causes an ELayoutException to be raised (and handled in the IDE).

Setting a new value for the property causes SetBounds and ChangeBounds to be called. This ensures that the new value is is the range allowed in Constraints, and that the control is aligned on its Parent using the Anchors for the control.

A value assigned to Height is ignored when AutoSize is set to True; the control is automatically adjusted to the size needed for its aligned content.

Values in Top, Left, Width, and Height are used to calculate the display area for the control in GetClientRect. They determine the clipping rectangle used when the control is drawn on its Parent.

See also



The client coordinate with the left edge for the control.



The client coordinate for the top edge of the control.



The horizontal size for the control.



The control within which the control is shown.



Gets the value for the ClientRect property.



Sets the bounds (Left, Top, Width, Height) of the control.



Sets the bounds (left, top, height, width) and optionally the BaseBounds of the control.

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