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True if the form is being updated.


Source position: controls.pp line 1648

public function TControl.FormIsUpdating: Boolean; virtual;

Function result

True if the form is being updated.


The return value is True when a value has been assigned to Parent, and its FormIsUpdating method returns True. This causes all assigned Parent controls in the hierachy to be examined to determine the return value.

Eventually, one of the Parent controls will be the TCustomForm instance which hosts all of the controls. It sets the return value to True when its internal update counter has a non-zero value. This occurs when the form has called BeginFormUpdate, but has not called EndFormUpdate to complete an update.

See also



Indicates if the BeginFormUpdate method has been called without a corresponding EndFormUpdate method call.



Increments the form update counter, and disables auto-sizing on the initial update lock.



Unlocks form updates; used with BeginFormUpdate.

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