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The font to be used for text display in this control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1739

public property TControl.Font : TFont
  read FFont
  write SetFont
  stored IsFontStored;


Font is a TFont property with the typeface and display attributes used for textual values on the control. Use properties in the TFont instance to change attributes like Name (for the typeface), Charset, Color, Height, Orientation (rotation degrees), Pitch, Quality, Size, and Style. Assigning a new TFont instance to the property causes the control to be redrawn.

Remark: Some Font attributes may be ignored in TControl descendants. It depends on the drawing style for the specific control, and whether theme services are enabled for text on the control.

The PixelsPerInch property in Font is used to perform font size scaling in methods like Scale96ToFont, ScaleFontTo96, ScaleScreenToFont, and ScaleFontToScreen.

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Represents a font used to draw text in an application.

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