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Finds the sub-component with the specified name in the Components property.


Source position: controls.pp line 1642

public function TControl.FindSubComponent(

  AName: string





Parentage/path for the sub-component to retrieve in the method.

Function result

The component with the specified name, or Nil when not found.


FindSubComponent is a TComponent function used to get the sub-component with the name specified in AName. FindSubComponent is similar to TComponent.FindComponent, but accepts a prefixed component name in AName. For example: 'LabeledEdit1.EditLabel'.

FindSubComponent separates the value in AName into the owner and sub-component names. When a prefix is used, the FindComponent method is called to locate the TComponent instance with the owner name. Its FindComponent method is called to get the component with the sub-component name that is used in the return value. If a prefix is not used, the initial component is used as the return value.

The return value is Nil if a component is not found with the specified name.

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