Unit 'Controls' Package
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Indicates if the desktop (system) font is used for the text displayed on this control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1502

protected property TControl.DesktopFont : Boolean
  read FDesktopFont
  write SetDesktopFont;


DesktopFont is a Boolean property which indicates whether the default desktop (or system) font is used to display the text on the control. The default value for the property is set to True in the Create constructor, and indicates that an explicit assignment has not been made to the Font property. When set to True, the System font in Screen is loaded into the Font property.

Changing the property value causes a CM_SYSFONTCHANGED message to be performed for the control. DesktopFont is set to False when an explicit TFont value is assigned to the Font property.

See also



Calls a message handler directly, bypassing the message queue.



Message handler for changed system Font.



The default font used for system task dialogs and controls like TSpeedButton.



The TScreen singleton for the application.

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