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Contains style flags which control the features or behaviors enabled for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1737

public property TControl.ControlStyle : TControlStyle
  read FControlStyle
  write FControlStyle;


ControlStyle is a TControlStyle property used to enable features or behaviors for a control. Values from the TControlStyleType enumeration are added to the property to enable the corresponding feature supported in the control.

Values in ControlStyle are normally assigned in the constructor for a given control class.

Some controls implement properties which cause the values in the set to be changed when a new value is assigned to the property. For example, TToolBar.Transparent includes or excludes csOpaque in ControlStyle as needed to reflect the value for the property. Values in the property may also be read and/or updated when methods in the control are called.

The visibility for the ControlStyle property is public, so it does not appear in the Typhon Object Inspector. But it can be updated in program code as needed.

See TControlStyleType for more information about values in the enumeration and their intended usage.

See also



Enumerated type with values for features or behaviors for a control.



Set type used to store values from the TControlStyleType enumeration.

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