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The height for the client area on the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1775

public property TControl.ClientHeight : Integer
  read GetClientHeight
  write SetClientHeight
  stored IsClientHeightStored;


ClientHeight is an Integer property with the number of pixels needed for client area on the control. The property contains the value from the Bottom member in ClientRect. Changing the value for ClientHeight causes SetClientSize to be called to apply the existing ClientWidth and the new value for the property.

The value for ClientHeight is not stored or used to set the Height for the control during LCL component streaming. It is used, however, when AutoSizing is restored and when auto-layout policies using Anchors are applied to the control. For example, when Anchors is set to [akBottom] the value in ClientHeight is needed / used.

See also



Size of the client area for the control.



The width of the client area for the control.



Contains True while auto-sizing is in progress.



Enables automatic sizing for the control.



Applies an automatic adjustment layout policy to the control.



Checks for changes and calls DoOnResize if needed.



The set of anchor definitions for this control.

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