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Sets the bounds (left, top, height, width) and optionally the BaseBounds of the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1321

protected procedure TControl.ChangeBounds(

  ALeft: Integer;

  ATop: Integer;

  AWidth: Integer;

  AHeight: Integer;

  KeepBase: Boolean

); virtual;




New value for the Left property in the control.



New value for the Top property in the control.



New value for the Width property in the control.



New value for the Height property in the control.



True when the BaseBounds should not be modified.


ChangeBounds is called whenever the position or size of the control is set, either via the properties or by the layout engine in the LCL.

SetBounds calls ChangeBounds internally with KeepBase set to False, while the LCL layout engine calls it with KeepBase set to True.

Override this for code that might change the preferred size or resizes other controls.

You can call this function in your custom controls. Keep in mind that the given aLeft, aTop, aWidth, aHeight might not be valid and will be changed by the LCL before applied.

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