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Auto-sizing phases enabled for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1616

public function TControl.AutoSizePhases: TControlAutoSizePhases; virtual;

Function result

Set with the TControlAutoSizePhase values.


AutoSizePhases is a TControlAutoSizePhases function used to get the Autosizing phases enabled for the control. In general, the values in AutoSizePhases depend on the TWinControlFlag values enabled for the control.

For TControl, the values from the Parent control are used. If the Parent control is unassigned, the value is an empty set ([]).

For TWinControl, the value from the Parent control are used (when a Parent has been assigned). Otherwise, the windows control flags are used to get the return value. For example:

Includes caspCreatingHandles in the set
Includes caspRealizingBounds in the set
Includes caspShowing in the set

In addition, AutoSizingAll forces caspComputingBounds to be included in the set. caspChangingProperties is included when the internal auto-sizing lock count has a value greater than zero (0).

See also



Set type used to store TWinControlFlag enumeration values.



Represents AutoSizing phases for controls.

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