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Find the window and its owning control at the given screen coordinates.


Source position: controls.pp line 2713

function FindLCLWindow(

  const ScreenPos: TPoint;

  AllowDisabled: Boolean = True





TPoint with the screen coordinates examined in the routine.



Allows a disabled window to be returned.

Function result

The control that owns the window at the specified screen position; Nil when a window is not found.


FindLCLWindow is a TWinControl function used to find the window (and its owner control) at the specified screen coordinates.

FindLCLWindow gets the Handle for the window and checks to ensure it is enabled. When it is not enabled, or AllowDisabled is False, parent handles are examined until a suitable window is located. FindOwnerControl is called for the handle to get the return value. The return value is Nil if a Window was not found at the specified position.

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